Blackfriday shopping for FW16

Guys black friday is near two days away . am thinking of buying RAM and SSD for it , so anyone have idea what RAM module will be compatible with it so that i can grab one cheap and good RAM 32 GB module for my FW16 and i guess all SSD will be compatible with FW16 right ,

  • also if anyone have found some good black friday deals please share it too as not everyone is good it hunting discount deals . lol

Location : Canda Ontario




Country? : Canda

Very honestly, from experience, the prices are inflated 50% just before black friday, then reduce 25% on black friday. Usually it’s cheaper after :} if there are still in stock :smiley:
At least, this is common practice in France.

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this one seems good samsung 980 for 79$ :

wondering with heatsink it will fit inside FW16 or not . or should order without heat sink

No heat-Sink in laptops. They won’t fit!

I suggest you to wait for the mail saying you will soon get your notebook. After new years eve, you will probably have better prices than fake black Friday deals (because prices are manipulated before the deal is applied). Maybe even new products…

As a summary:

The later you buy, the better you get for your money. Therefore don’t buy before you need it…

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ok got it

Crucial 262-Pin DDR5 SO-DIMM DDR5 5600 RAM appears to be the ones Framwork has on their order page (I haven’t really seen other brands with those speeds). I was going to link the ones I bought for myself, but they’re sold out already. Got them cheaper than if I would have ordered them with my FW16 laptop. It was such a good deal I ended up spending like ~$5-10 USD for twice as much RAM.

As for SSDs the Samsung 990 pro are some pretty fast SSDs. They also should fit with no clearance issues since, according to the specs, are smaller than the WD SSDs sold by Framwork. I also found it cheaper than the WD SSDs.

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Question is if the heat dissipation will work with those SSDs. Gen4 tend to get way hotter than Gen3 NVMe SSDs, reason I will stick to the Hynix p41 or P44 in the end.

It’ll just slow down if it gets too toasty (or you can kneecap it by limiting its max power state if you are somehow bothered by high temperatures).

That is not the point. Heat means elevated power usage. If we can keep that down, it is an advantage for all situations.

As long as you are doing the same finite workload, the faster ssd will just get hotter for less time and may or may not use more total power doing it. The real power savings with ssds comes from sleeping (unless you do some really disk intensive stuff on battery but then a slower ssd will also slow down whatever you are doing).

The hynix p41 / solidigm P44 pro are really neat drives but they are also comparatively quite expensive last time I checked and for most users it really won’t matter.


The P41 is quite cheap at this time… 121,- Euro for the 2Tb drive at Amazon France.

Solidigm or hynix?

Because the price is a bit cheap for a slidigm p44 pro/hynix p41 but also a bit expensive for a solidigm p41, the naming is confusing to say the least.

hmmmm on amazon canda its just 119 ,

In Germany it’s 199.25, but I prefer the P31 due to its lower idle power consumption, but it is currently not available. Gladly I bought a few of those back when the were on sale in September. :smile:

Hinyx P41 …

Your ssd isn’t supposed to be idle long, it’s supposed to be asleep XD

I don’t think they make them anymore.

That’s the good one.

I’ve heard the Samsung 990 Pros do run hot, but I wouldn’t think it would hamper speed unless you’re doing something that was constantly, or frequently, putting load on the drive.

Personally I shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to my use case. Gaming would probably be the biggest load I have (loading up a game for example), or possibly booting up the OS, and everything else would be small file transfers. I haven’t gotten a hold of the drive yet, and it will be some time before I can even use it in my FW16 laptop, but I don’t expect the heat to be an issue or for the SSD to throttle. Your use case may be different. But for the speed and the price it’s a great deal for me.