Bluetooth tethering

I have been traveling and don’t always have wifi. I can use my phone with my framework via USB tethering and this works fine.

But it can be awkward on the road. Bluetooth tethering is available on my phone but i can’t get it to work with the laptop.

Had anyone done this? If so, what did you do on the laptop side to get network from the connection?

Hi @David_Mischel, would wifi tethering work for you? I use it with my phone providing the hotspot all the time. The computer connects to the wifi hotspot that the phone is providing, and uses the phone’s cellular data connection.

What type of phone (android/iPhone) are you using and what OS on the laptop?

Update - I just tested and was able to tether via bluetooth. I had to enable it on my phone (android), then use the gsconnect (or kdeconnect, depending) extension on my linux (manjaro) laptop to tether to the phone. Posting this through that connection.

WiFi tethering on 5ghz if supported will be fastest, then on 2.4ghz, then Bluetooth will be lowest throughput by far.

Need to know what OS you’re using to point you to guides.

I don’t know about wifi tethering but it sounds like that is a preferred wireless solution. My phone OS is Android. My laptop is dual boot: windows11 and Kubuntu.

Due to timing of my day (traveling in UK and i have an appointment before 6; it’s 1715 now) i can’t try this until tomorrow. I will test then.


wifi tethering (hotspotting) is the usual way of doing it.

Thank you all for enlightening me. I have it working and it was dumb easy once i was pointed in the right direction.

Wifi tethering works fine, but does use battery from the phone very very very quickly. Make sure have a power supply handy when doing so.