Broken WiFi and (rarely) higher power draw RZ616 problem?

FW13 with AMD7840U, RZ616 WiFi card.

The problem occurs the day before yesterday when my laptop freeze, all application were non-responding, the shutdown process hung and I had to force it by holding the power button. Upon restart my WiFi connection was gone. Strangely the Bluetooth was(and is) still functioning. It’s hardware related as all my OSes reports non-availability of Wifi, as shown.




I mitigated the problem temporarily by unplugging the laptop, disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. However today the problem returned
Upon restarting the laptop again after reconnecting the battery in BIOS the 2nd time, not only the WiFi was again unavailable, but also the laptop draws more current than usual. It draws 20V3.45A when connected to a 65W adapter with a USBC cable WITHOUT e-marker, and it draws more than 100W when connected to 100W adapter with e-marker cable.

update: I swapped my wifi card to 3168NGW recycled from a previous laptop, didn’t work so I swapped back to RZ616, this time it worked. However, the signal strength rarely exceed 75% and the download speed is also slower than before