Buying keyboard cover without the keyboard

As the title suggests, I’m looking to buy a keyboard cover without the… well, keyboard. Just the aluminum top plate thing.

I uh, dropped a heavy set of keys on my laptop like a moron and there are a couple of annoying gouges in the metal just east of the trackpad.

Under Keyboards in the Framework Marketplace there are replacement top covers:

Whether you can get one without a keyboard already in it, is something you will need to contact support about.

I totally understand why you are looking to get a new top cover though. It would drive me nuts as well.

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Hi - I’m in the UK…this link (and evert other Marketplace link I’ve found) takes me to the main website to choose a laptop…it seems like the Marketplace doesn’t exist, is it not visible to UK users yet?

I’m after a UK keyboard as soon as they are available please…

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick and a belated welcome to the forum.

Have you bought a laptop yet?

I made a pre-order with a UK keyboard no problem.

The EU market place is an extra laptops with UK keybords have been available since pre-order for the EU (France, Gremany and the UK)

The marketplace has not launched in the UK yet. We do not have a date, only “soon”.

But try raising a support ticket. Others in Europe in need of replacement parts have done so and have been helped.

Thanks for the response - I raised a ticket several weeks ago and was told to wait. No offer of help.

Not taking “You can’t buy it yet” as an answer? Feeling entitled?

Put it this way: What form of help are you expecting when you can’t buy it yet is laid out in front of you?

It’s like regional movie releases: If it’s not released in cinemas in the UK, what do you expect?

N_A - Thanks for the constructive and helpful response.

Don’t mention it. The entitled few rarely are self-aware. It’s always want / demand, without understanding what it is that they’re actually asking of the other side.

Prefer softcover rather than hard cover for the keyboard in Framework Laptop 13.