Bypass charging

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Does the device support bypass charging?

So can I use it, without the battery being used?

Asus supports this on his new ROG Ally


Yes! The BIOS has an option to logically disconnect the battery, and it will only work when plugged into a charger when that’s on. It does require a reboot to access though.

EDIT: I’m kind of curious what this feature will look like with the Framework 16 because they’ve stated that their new 180W can’t supply all the power it needs at full load. Either it’ll be disabled or they’ll leave it in and let people cause power issues unless they use bypass with a 240W adapter.


That depends on configuration. If you do not add a mobile GPU or other power hungry add on, 180W will be way over what the laptop consumes. Even with a mobile GPU it will depend on which model or what power plan is set up. So basically it is not really an issue.


Exactly… i’m planning on using an extra battery in the GPU extention bay. I want extra battery life, the Ryzen APU is enough graphics power for my work as a programmer.

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I guess we could limit our power consumption in direct power supply mode.

There is no problem telling the system to consume 170 Watt and not more.
Probably should we limit it more to 140, if we want to preserve the health and efficiency of our power supplies.

Or we simply get a 240 Watt adapter. :man_shrugging:

Framework Laptop 13 can draw more than the included 60W at full load. It just slightly throttles back to a maximum of 60W. No power issues and its not really enough to be noticed.


The RX 7600M has a TDP range from 50 to 90 Watt