CAD files for keycaps

Hi. Is there any chance to get CAD for keycaps themselves? I’d like to try to print custom keycaps on high resolution resin 3D printer. Thanks


Did you find a file or maybe make one?
This would possibly be an option for custom layouts as well.

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No, I didn’t. But I plan to try to make models

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That would be amazing. I dont really want to remove a keycap from my framework, as they are supposed to be not removable, so a model would be great

Ok, so I was a little bored and I did remove a key cap. It wasnt that hard and I made a test model of the F1 Key.
I just dont really have a way to test it. I doubt, that my printer is accurate to that level, especially with a 0.4mm nozzle
FrameworkKeycapTest-Body.stl (35.5 KB)

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Let me send this to my friend, who owns anycubic 8k resin printer :slight_smile:

Sure, go for it.
But please post the results
I am really curious, if I got the measurements right. Its really small

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I’m recovering after knee surgery, so can’t visit my friend any time soon. But I did send it to him for printing :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that.
Get well soon

@Serhii_Mumriak hope you’re doing better now.

I’m trying to design a case for the keyboard, to use it as an external keyboard, and was wondering if there was any progress on the keycap CADs.