Can anyone confirm if this RAM kit would work on the FW16? (7840HS)


Then this module should work …?

The other option that I’m considering is the 96GB (48GB x 2) kit. This goes beyond the max mentioned by Framework, but was shown as working in a screenshot from someone at Framework.

Can someone at Framework please confirm that the 96GB configuration does work on the Framework 16? And will the specs be updated to reflect that?



The specs won’t be updated because IIRC non-binary kits aren’t officially supported by the Ryzen platform.

It sounded like AMD was updating their BIOS at least on desktops to support non-binary DDR5 RAM. Was a similar update made on the Framework 16?

Unless Nirav or someone else from Framework pops in here, we won’t know.

Same! Going G.Skill though, I love their stuff in general and its a good company to work with. Hopefully, they have an RGB laptop RAM module by the time they release it!

It’s a really nice savings tbh to pick up third party. But makes me curious what their custom RAM kit achieves.

You won’t be seeing the RAM module. I don’t think there is a point in making an RGB one.


No, I know I won’t see it… but I NEED my RGB.

(lol sorry was making a RGB joke.)


Would the Framework 16 7940HS support EXPO/XMP? According to AMD, it should, but of course while the CPU/memory controller does, it requires the firmware/mainboard to do so as well. So only Framework can tell us this.

Does “SPD Latency (Default)” describe JEDEC-Timings?

I believe so. SPD/default usually means using the standard profiles, which usually means JEDEC (because that’s a standard). XMP is Intel, and EXPO is AMD.

I wish they had full datasheets like Kingston does. That’s how I was able to ensure it had the timings I want in a JEDEC profile (they were the HyperX line). They specifically states JEDEC.

Gskill just says “standard SPD default” which to me is dancing around it. However, there’s only 3 profiles, and two of them aren’t “standard” (Intel requires licensing, AMD is open source but still not ratified by a standards body). So using the process of elimination, I believe the timings listed for “SPD default” should be JEDEC.

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That’s how G.Skill’s data sheets work for the desktop RAM I’ve got in my system. Which is 3200 @ 1.35V CAS 15 for XMP, and 2133 @ 1.2V for SPD (Default).

Framework released a RAM compatibility list for the Framework 13 laptops equipped with the Ryzen 7040 yesterday evening, which I think should also be applicable for the Framework 16.


@Dakhil thanks for the link. I hope they test Crucial’s kits next. My plan is to use their 48GBx2 option ( with my FW16

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I also plan on using the 96GB (48GB * 2) DDR5 5600 kit on the Framework 16. I wonder if they will officially support this type instead of just saying “we have seen this work.”

Given AMD’s stance is there’s no official support for 48GB modules, that’s highly unlikely.

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As mine is the last of batch 12, it will be the end of Q1, and I’m wondering if anyone may have 128GB (64*2) available by then …

for that reason I’m going to hold off on getting RAM until they get ready to bill me.

I’m not sure where you got that information (AMD not supporting non-binary RAM), but I have seen articles saying AMD BIOS updates have non-binary RAM support for desktop and laptop motherboards.

That would be great if they are available at a reasonable price. I’m in the batch 7 group for the FW 16.

Framework said that in their knowledgebase:

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