Can anyone confirm if this RAM kit would work on the FW16? (7840HS)


or this kit

Both, I am buying the latter and a P5 Plus SSD.

The Kingston kit implies XMP/EXPO is required.

How do you know if a memory module requires XMP to operate at the correct frequency? I’ve only ever dealt with building desktops that have XMP settings in the BIOS…

the crucial one says 5600 mhz is the default speed and you would change it only if you want to downclock if your system needs it so it should be fine since the AMD board runs 5600 mhz right?

I have preordered the Kingston ‎KF556S40IBK2-64 kit for my AMD 13" and I’m a bit worrying now because of that XMP thing … :confused:

Do not order XMP RAM for FW laptops. Stick with the crucial (or other quality vendor) 5600 speed.

I think that fallback to JEDEC and it should work.
At least they mentioned JEDEC in their Spec Sheet PDF and it seems that the timings 40-40-40 are in the JEDEC specification for DDR5.


40-40-40 is for very slow DDR5 speeds.

40-40-40 is the fastest standard speed for 5600 MT/s in the DDR5 specification, anything faster is overclocking, probably using EXPO (which isn’t supported by the 7840hs, the 7940hs does support EXPO but it’s unclear if Framework will).

The other standard speeds for 5600 MT/s DDR5 are 46-45-45, 46-46-46, and 50-49-49.


In general, EXPO/XMP modules should fall back to JEDEC timings, however, we have seen instances on Framework Laptop 13 where DDR4 XMP modules did not function properly. Given that we won’t be able to test all of the memory modules available on the market, we recommend sticking with modules that use standard JEDEC timings, since that is what the system will use anyway.


Timings without frequency are meaningless.


Googled the Kingston kit for the datasheet:

It shows the JEDEC speed/timings are DDR5-5600 CL40-40-40 @ 1.1V

That represents the fastest clock and tightest timings for JEDEC. Good choice.

sooo… I am still confused on whether or not that Kingston kit would work :sweat_smile:


If someone could answer, I’d appreciate it. Does the 7840hs not support expo? This is my first AMD CPU so I’m used to XMP on Intel where it works on all cpus. As an overclocker, I was hoping to be able to make my memory faster with the base model fw 16😅.

XMP definitely does not work on pretty much all intel mobile cpus (and all desktop cpus on the lower end chipsets for that matter).

AMD dektop chips all support expo too, not sure that’s a sensible comparison.

It seems that AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840HS does not support EXPO as we can see in the general specifications here.

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Oh well. You can’t have everything.

Eh, see what’s on offer by the time they’re packing orders. Might be faster clock SODIMMs around even in my sundried land-of-upside-down by then.

Which memory is compatible with Framework 16?

The configuration page says:
DDR5 SO-DIMMs up to 32GB each at up to to DDR5-5600 speeds are compatible with the Framework Laptop 16. While memory that meets that standard should work, the memory we sell in the Framework Marketplace is tested for compatibility. We recommend avoiding XMP DDR5.

But which manufacturer currently offers this?
I have only found modules that run with XMP and none without.

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Have you seen this topic?

There they talk about a cruical kit and a Kingston fury kit. However I couldn’t find a confirmation if they work in that topic.

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