Can someone post a PDF of motherboard at 1:1 scale?

Hi everyone,

From (page 2)
I guessed that motherboard is 115.4+117.9 = 233.3 mm wide and its height is above 77.83+27.00 > 104.83
Am I right ? Why do I have to dig the internet to get those values ? Is nobody interested in those values ?

Could someone be kind enough to upload a PDF (A4 landscape if possible please) at 1:1 scale of the shape of the MB? I’d like to print it to get an idea of how/if it will fit in my project.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Is your project not flexible enough to accept the main board. You can estimate the size form the images in the market place.

I’m sure someone will measure it and feed back.

How about this CAD?

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