Can we create new motherboards?

Is enough information about he motherboard available to create a new one to fit into the Framework 13 or 16 chassis? Something with a very different architecture - Arm, RiscV, PowerPC etc.? Like where heatsink mounting holes are, heatsink height from motherboard surface to figure out shims for different height processor chips, heat removal capability (TDP max of the processor), etc?


I remember Framework did mention that they are happy to work with vendors to do that but I have yet to see any. I was kinda hoping if Pine64 would work with Framework for their next Pinebook Pro but oh well.

For those numbers I kinda guess you can actually measure one yourself considering 11th gen and 12th gen for 13" are in the same size.

The fan is actually stated to be 60W turbo and 28-30W sustained.


Additionaly, the Github has engineering drawings of the 13" motherboards, alongside a lot of other documentation.

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I suddenly thought that maybe an ARM SBC using something like the Nvidia Orin and other similar dev boards would be nice for a change compared to Snapdragons and the horrible Mali GPUs.


Everything can be found on their GitHub repository.

Motherboard dimensions:


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If you know how to create motherboards from scratch, then you’re smart to know the answer to this question.

I think a Raspberry Pi CM4 version would be really cool. I don’t think it could support all the fancy USB stuff though without a lot of work.

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