Replacing CPU? Also Temperatures

I’m interested in getting the Framework Laptop but one of my main concerns is the CPU. Intel chips tend to run worse and a lot hotter than AMD. I’m aware Framework doesn’t sell AMD right now but is it possible to replace the intel chip with an AMD one? Also I have a concern with the temperatures on the Framework laptop, can it run at a comfortable temp and not get too hot?

Replacement motherboards in the future with different CPUs (AMD, Arm, and maybe even RISC) have been mentioned by the Framework team. It will require a motherboard replacement though, the CPU is soldered since no modern mobile chips are available in a socketed format.

Other people in the community are satisfied with the CPU temps: CPU running at hot temps?

Personally I haven’t noticed issues but I also don’t use the laptop in my lap.

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@jeshikat So then there’s no current way of replacing the motherboard as of right now? I’m not too familiar with computer parts but isn’t there perhaps a motherboard online with AMD that I can just buy and replace or does it not work like that? I use the laptop in my lap a lot so that’s just a concern I have of me not wanting to burn my lap.

Unfortunately no, motherboards on laptops are custom-designed to fit the chassis.

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Also consider that it would take more work than just soldering in an AMD processor instead of an Intel - the chipset (the parts of the motherboard that allow the processor to talk to all the other computer’s components) would have to be swapped for one that supports AMD processors. This in turn could also result in other changes to the motherboard, like moving components around to fit the other parts that need to be added, taken away, etc. All in all, a possible but non-trivial task.

Framework has done an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB getting this far this fast, but they are after all human and have limitations. I believe patience with major requests like totally different processor architectures is completely fair.


Everyone please keep in mind that this is just the first step for Framework. The laptop is designed to capture the largest segment of the market in order to make the company profitable and able to continue development into new products and market segments. New things will come in the future, but only if Framework is successful now.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Framework, I just really love my new shiny laptop and I want everyone else to love theirs too.


Regarding lap usage of this laptop. No heat issue in my lap browsing the Internet. Maybe, computing Pi would yield a different experience.

I should mention, I’m running Fedora.