Car charger (60W) that's reliable and well-built?

Hi there, I saw there was a previous thread about car chargers, but it recommended one pretty similar to the one I’ve already tried. The one I’ve tried is this one by WOTOBEUS (one of those Amazon brands that seems to have 3 or 4 of the same product by different brand names).

it worked well for like a month and then started getting really flaky, only working if I jiggled it around in the charger. A review of a really similar one tells the story better:

1.0 out of 5 stars failed quickly - apparently poor design “The positive contact is of apparently poor design. This type of charger usually has a spring loaded positive contact that moves freely. This contact worked that way for a short period of time, then froze. It no longer acts as a spring loaded movable contact. Consequently, it fails to maintain electrical contact when the slightest vibration occurs.”

It also just started falling apart, literally breaking in half at one point!

Can anyone recommend a car charger that’s 60W+ and has a well designed spring loaded contact? Only USB-C is fine as I intend to only use this to charge the laptop - I already have wireless chargers and plenty of USB-A ports in the car. Previously I had a car to A/C converter box but that’s pretty large if you add a charging brick to it, so a small one like this but that’s just better designed would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for any recs!

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Yes I had a 65W BaseUS and the plastic deformed so the contact got stuck.

Now I have a LinkOn 84W with no problems. I use every evening for about 6 hrs

The one I have

Almost the same on Amazon


Nice thanks for the recommendation! I picked up a 112W LinkOn as I don’t really need 2 USB-A ports. Will report back on how it is.