Car Charger recommendation

can anybody recommend a car charger for the Framework Laptop?
I am using a 12V Solar system at home and would like to be able to charge the Framework with it, in case of a power outage. Do I just need a 65W USB -PD adapter or do I have to look for a specific voltage?
Thanks for your advice

There have been problems reported with 15v chargers

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Thanks @Anubis, I will be looking for a 20V Car charger then.

Aliexpress had some interesting 87 to 100w 12v to usb-pd candidates for like $9 shipped to USA when last I looked. Didn’t pull the trigger on buying any, but please review here if you do.

I ordered one from amazon, that is supposed to do 20V and 3.25A, so 65W. If it works, I will send a link of it.

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You probably meant 65W

I’m going to try a direct 12v supply :thinking:

Oh yeah, thanks.
Thats a typo

Of interest, although only 35watts is this which is both QC3 and PD compatible.

It is only 18W per port if I see it correctly. That might be a little low.

I think you may be right but somehow i got this image ?

It seems the PD one is 45w :smiley:

I have used several chargers with my laptop.
An 18w charger would give a boost while the device is off.
Probably not enough for active use.

A 35W MacBook Air charger would boost the charge slowly.

This does not look like the charger, that is in the link you sent earlier

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Yes don’t know what happened there ?
Still searching and have found this

30W should be sufficient. It wont be a fast charge, but if thats not necessary to you, it should be fine.


Why exactly do you need a direct 12V PSU?

Just tested the Charger I linked above. Under full CPU load (28W Cinebench), the battery got about 20W of charge, so I think it really produces the full65W of power. I cant say anything about durability ofc, but if it holds up, it should be a pretty decent charger for the framework.

Running from 12v battery

here is a ‘65w’ ??

See the following for more power output

I am also running from a 12V battery as well, the adapter steps the voltage up

I just use a 12V 30W adapter in the car…that’s always been enough to top up the battery a bit whilst managing any workload I’m likely to be doing in the car for laptops up to now. Haven’t tried the Framework laptop yet but I can’t see that being much different.

I use the 118W version of this car charger. It works perfectly and charges all of my USB-C devices (including my Framework) at full speed.

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