Card Idea: Expansion card with hidden USB port for wireless mouse

One thing I wish laptops had is an embedded USB port or two inside the laptop chassis. This is because I use a wireless USB mouse and I don’t like that if I leave the wireless dongle in, it sticks out of the computer and torques the port if it is snagged.

I was thinking that a cool expansion card would be an expansion card that hides the USB mouse dongle in a USB port such that the USB port and dongle are not visible from the outside. It could also have another port on the outside (like another USB A). This would result in a longer life for the port and the dongle for those of us who like wireless USB mice.

Alternative uses for such a card include the ability to have a small flash drive with the same profile as the mouse dongle in the slot so that you always have a flash drive on hand. I would love to be able to do either of these things.


The only reason I bought a USB-A card with mine was for my g502 lightspeed. I would love it if I had the option to hide the dongle.

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@CJ_Elevated made a prototype of this kind of expansion card in his video here