Embedded USB-A Expansion Card for Wireless Mouse Dongle

Hello, I have an idea for an embedded usb-a Expansion Card to hide your wireless mouse dongle. I am not sure what is the average size of a mouse dongle is, but once I get that it should be a very simple design. Would this design be eligible for a grant or is it too similar to a regular A to C expansion card. Thank you!


Check out these threads for ongoing work on this:


Damn just late to the party lol

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Not sure if you are talking about the larger one or the smaller one but these are pretty small.

Their website seems to only list the std size.

Funny you should ask.


8:48 - Hot Glue… :thinking: No glue allowed on Framework. :joy:

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Don’t be so sure, I found some glue, or more appropriately, mounting tape being used in the Framework. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@nrp , LoL…what can you say about this?

3M - 9495LE in mine :wink: