Case bent, can't click touchpad: Repair advice

I’ve accidentally sat down on my framework, and I believe it’s very slightly bent now in direction of the width axis: The keyboard bends upwards peaking around the space bar, while the caps lock and enter keys are further down. You’ll have to look at it carefully to notice this though, it’s not much. Things that are broken since then:

  1. I can’t click the touchpad anymore: The touchpad doesn’t physically click when I press it.
  2. After waking up from suspend, tapping the touchpad doesn’t do anything anymore. The issue is resolved by logging out of my X11 session and logging in again. This might be a software problem as well, but everything used to work before I bent the laptop.
  3. Sometimes, I believe also after waking up from suspend, the keyboard doesn’t work anymore. Rebooting resolves this, but perhaps it could also be resolved by restarting the X11 session using an external keyboard.

I’m considering replacing the touchpad and the keyboard now. Is it likely that this will resolve the issue, or could it be that the mainboard is damaged as well?

It’s possible that the bend itself is putting pressure on something and causing issues (particularly the non-clicking trackpad). Personally, the first thing I would do is remove what I can and try to physically straighten the case. Straightening the case and re-installing everything while making sure all the connectors are seated properly might solve the issues.