Cause of 11th Gen RTC Bug

Please follow through with the progress picture you posted. The current solution to “just find a repair center” is not a solution for a manufacturer defect.

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They’ve been working on this since Nirav posted a schematic almost a month ago.

Unfortunately the manufacturer defect comes from Intel’s part, not Framework’s board. Framework is trying to do what they can (hence the in progress board) but really you should be yelling at intel for the fault in their chip.



They’ve been working on this since Nirav posted a schematic almost a month ago.

Unfortunately the manufacturer defect comes from Intel’s part, not Framework’s board.

Thanks for the context. I haven’t been following. As for it being intel’s fault, I didn’t know that either. Cheers


I’d say it was just a feature that Framework made an initally bad design choice in handling.

I still hope this new fix still does not require any soldering and just passes through current from the main battery.

there will be soldering, just less of it, still need to pinch off battery voltage from somewhere.


Oh… :unamused:

I don’t think they were aware of the issue and so there was no choice just ignorance that the CPU could play up.

However not having the RTC/CMOS battery charging from the main always meant there was a pretty short time limit on how long it would function well.


Keep in mind that Framework did not do the electrical development for this board, Compal did, neither Compal or Framework found this issue in their PVT, EVT, and DVT


Interesting piece of info! Thanks.
I wonder if Framework still owns the PI of the board, e.g. are they free to take it to another company for subsequent improvements or even decide to do it themselves (in a future when hires are easier)? Or are they tied in some way to Compal for anything derived from this design?

Not even Dell, lenovo or HP design their own boards and they have a lot more employees XD

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But I mean, can they still move the design to another builder any time? Or do they have to negotiate that and pay penalties? (/me aware all of that is under NDA, but asking anyway LOL)

(In particular, one of the reasons I’m asking is that if there is a conflict in Taiwan making Compal unable to ship, can they build the boards in an other country easily?)

Not sure, wasn’t one of the reason why they could not openly release the schematic that they did not want other mahufacturers to see how much they coppy paste between them?

You can build boards wherever you want, getting the chips however is a whole other question. The supply chain will have a “signifficant emotional event” if like 40+% of high end semiconductor manufacturing (including almost 100% of really really high end) and 90+% of the (PC/Laptop)board design firms (Asus, asrock, gigabyte, msi, biostar and the ones doing laptops are all clustered in taiwan) suddenly go offline, plus loosing access to all those bulk low end components from china. This isn’t a scenario where you just switch board assembler. If there is a conflict in taiwan the covid supply chain (electronics wise) will look like a light warmup in comparison.

If you are genuinely worried about that scenario you are better off stockpiling food, water filters and ammo than worrying if you can still get a shiny new laptop XD


Incomplete / ‘Good enough’ test cases…turns out not quite good enough.

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11 Days later after a full charge and a refuse to boot…Just had it again. 11 days!

This is so dull! RTC battery is only 3 months old too.

I give up. Time for Ebay I think.

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sorry to hear you can’t wait for the fix they are currently working on, but I wish you the best with the resale market!

Maybe wait and see what the 13th gen will be like, and then you can upgrade the mainboard, and re-purpose the current board that you have.

For me, if the 13th gen turns out good, I plan to get the cooler master case and put the 11th gen board in it (with the ‘fix’ from nrp in due time).

Let’s hope 3rd time’s a charm.

Early reviews are out:

Battery life (good) and performance (not leading, but decent) are looking decent.

Well this laptop has been a big fail for me. I’m not spending any more on Framework. It makes no sense to keep throwing money at it. This is something you all need to be aware of. Many of you will end up spending far more on “Framework laptop” because you can rather than if you should.

You buy a £800 Dell, you run that Dell for 4 years…it cost you £800.

You buy that Framework for £1000…after 4 years buying all the new stuff…you spent £2800+ on that Framework. But did you get any real tangible benefit?Be careful, I see a forum currently full of people desperate to throw their money away for what? FOMO?

As I mentioned I bought a 2018 Dell 7480 for £150! It has easy servicable access. It also has USB A and C ports, Thunderbolt, HDMI, SD card and Ethernet all built in ready to go, not to mention 7 hours battery life.

Plus…it switches on everytime I want it to. Feels a lot tougher too!


Be careful, I see a forum currently full of people desperate to throw their money away for what? FOMO?

I’m sorry that your experience hasn’t been what you wanted it to be, but there’s no need to throw stones at those of us who are happy. I gave Framework my $1000 for a batch 1 11th gen 13", and have had two annoyances, which is less than I had expected from an upstart tech company.
You’ve made your opinion known. Good luck in reselling your unit, and I wish you luck in finding a replacement machine more suitable to your needs.


Thanks! Already done for £150! :joy:

At the end of the day, it’s other folks’ money but some here need to take a deep breath and think about it.

Otherwise the Framework laptop could well end up the most expensive laptop over X years than any other. Which I don’t think was the initial premise, but I bet the guys at Framework are now counting on upgrade FOMO as the way forward. :thinking: :wink:

“We just brought out a new upgraded screw set that’s 0.01 grams lighter than the standard set for $30 (including $25 shipping)!”

A good % of the forum group - “Hell yeah! Take my money!”

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As N.P. expressed above, I’m sorry Framework isn’t for you. However, I ask that you keep the community guidelines in mind when posting.

You’ve made your opinion clear, now please be on your way. There is no need to continue reiterating the same points and ad hominem attacks over and over again. If you cannot be constructive and add to the conversation, please refrain from participating.