New 11th Gen Mainboard RTC battery

I have the same problem, only that i just installed a BRAND NEW 11th gen motherboard, only to face this issue while traveling in Europe!

I am soo frustrated with FRAME WORKS and their product’s overall, sub-par, still underdeveloped product!

  1. The motherboard died within 14 months of purchase, which is extremely premature!
  2. Ordered a replacement only to run into this booting issue!

After spending a combined $1800, I am soo disappointed! Definitely not worth the cost and the headache.

Once I return back to the States, I will be making a youtube video on this laptop… Stay tuned.

This is an extremely well documented issues with the 11th gen mainboards. It is frustrating but certainly not something framework is trying to hide. I hope your new 11th gen mainboard was one of the insanely low priced stock they announced recently.

I agree, that is premature. I have 3 11th gen mainboards at my house. 1 is a full time server running for the last 8 months 24/7. Before that it was in my Framework 13 for a year and a half. The other 11th gen I have is a family computer plugged into my living room TV. It has been running now for 2 years without issue.

My wife’s 11th gen Framework 13 is going on over 2 years and with zero issues as well.

My question to you: Have you spoken with customer support? I assume if you are American the warranty period is expired. However, I would be interested in knowing what the cause of death on the original 11th gen mainboard was. I think it would help to qualify your post.

Bad things can happen to any company. Lemons can go out. But I have seen Framework deal with them better than any other company I’ve dealt with. I would encourage you to give their customer support a chance, and to give us a few more details.

Did you really just create an account here to mention this?


The fact you are asking me this, is disturbing. Isn’t this what community forums are for? Airing out issues? I have an issue, I saw the issue which was already posted, and I added on my thoughts and experience.

I am glad that your systems are all working great! That is great news! BUT it is entirely irrelevant to my issues…

And YES! I contacted their customer service only for them to reply with “Its out of warranty…” which i knew! My goal was to connect with someone at framework to see if they wanted to get the old board back for diagnostics, but no such reply was ever received.

I see you are a “community moderator” and your end goal is to uphold FrameWork’s reputation but that should NOT be done by marginalizing and minimizing issues that customers are facing.

What you are doing by replying with your targeted replies is giving FrameWork a defense, which is fine, BUT at the same your reply is simply excusing my experience.

  • Should I not post my experience?
  • Do I not have the ability to share on Framework’s forum?
  • IS FrameWork that afraid of my posting that they have employed Minions to downplay issues faced by their customers?

What does my nationality have to do with anything? If I am American or not American product issues do not apply ?

Please do continue your thought…

Why do you care? are you a product engineer working towards bettering design?

Bottomline, premature failure, Framework does not want to be bothered, and as a consumer who PAID for this product, I have the right to share my thoughts, experiences of Framework and their product, regardless of how many are working correctly, or how many are lemons.

soo if a post isn’t qualified it’s not welcomed??

Please understand that this community is welcoming of all but that we have guidelines and community standards. Your manner in responding is not appropriate. I am attempting to help you and nothing more.

Because if you bought this in the US you have a 1 year warranty. If you are European (as in you put it in Europe) you have a 2 year warranty. I would have then asked if you tried a warranty claim.

No one said you were not able to share your thoughts. The manner in which you do it however can prevent it. Nobody wants to see that, but understand it none the less.

In general as youtube is not flooded with people talking about premature 11th gen mainboard issues, I am curious about what happened to your mainboard. I don’t see this as a systemic issue with the 11th gen boards, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about what went wrong here. I don’t understand how me being curious is a problem.

To reiterate, this community is about helping people get the most out of their Framework product(s). We do our very best to keep moderation to a minimum here and wish to afford everyone the ability to share their experiences, etc. However, non-substantial posts that lead into aggressive responses are not welcome. Why? What are they bringing to the table? Without knowing if the issue affecting your mainboard is a real issue or a product of its use, there is not much it helps people with.

Once again, Framework has been very open about the 11th gen mainboards shortcomings. These things notwithstanding, workarounds exist, and they work.

I get that you are frustrated. I really do. The point of this forum is to help people posting on it. As a community moderator, I am not employed by Framework. I simply see what Framework is doing and I want to support it. That doesn’t mean that I blindly ignore issues. However, people just slinging mud and nothing else doesn’t help anyone get a clear picture.


I know it’s not what you want to hear that your new board needs a “fix.” But I recently installed an RTC battery substitute module that Framework sent me for my 11th gen board. The install was easy and it fixed this issue.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck with Framework.

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What have I done that is inappropriate? All I done is post my experience and you have continuously heckled me over my posting!

Do you work for Framework? Are you a customer service person?

What is inappropriate is how you are continuously attempting to MUTE my responses because they simply shine a negative light on to FRAME WORK.

Look buddy, I don’t care who you are, or what you are attempting to do, you want to delete my post, than do so, but remember this, that will shine negative light on up how Frame Work handles customer posts on forums.

I have screenshots of my post, and I will share this experience as well in my upcoming youtube video.

Nothing has been deleted or muted in any way. 2disbetter and I are both volunteer moderators – we are not paid by Framework. They were reminding you to keep the community guidelines in mind to avoid having future posts removed, as the tone in them thus far has been unnecessarily aggressive.


And there you have it everyone! Posting your experience with Frame Work’s product, and standing up for your view point gains a “locking this thread” threat!

I hope the the CEO of this company is reading, muting your customers from sharing their view point - NO MATTER HOW DAMAGING to your brand isn’t the answer to building a reputable brand or a lasting company!

@whoezdaboss - I believe that the request is not to post in this thread, but to start a new one. Your issues are unfortunate but addressable. Your tone is not helping, either.


I really don’t understand what you mean. None of your posts have been muted in anyway. Several helpful things have been mentioned.

Case in point: I moved your posts to your own thread, where you are free to talk about it as much as you want, respectfully.

If you would like the thread title changed, and you are not able to edit it, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do that for you.

To reiterate: No one is telling you that you are wrong for being frustrated and upset. No one is telling you that you can’t post here.
The only thing anyone is telling you, besides possible solutions, is that you need to abide by the community guidelines. This is all.

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Yeah, over the past two years, I came to the realization that the forum has a positivity bias in the sense that you can be overly positive, and that would be accepted. But if you’re overly negative / pessimistic, then it’s a no. Somewhere along that spectrum lies a written-out, but culturally subjective cutoff (moderation has inherent cognitive biases) for what the forum accepts / allows.

Then there’s the additional matter of aggression…

I see you’re frustrated, and I’ve been there (truly). The “I don’t have any issue” response you got doesn’t help you, I agree. It’s like, you bought a car, the transmission broke down within 3 years, and then people telling you “Mine’s running fine”…I would be like “why on earth would I care about your car running fine?”. I get it. It’s some active / passive brand reputation protection mode that was kicked in…for whatever reason.

Let’s focus on the RTC battery. You really need the RTC Substitute from Framework. Send a note to Framework Support, and go through the process. That, or avoid 11th gen altogether. In the general sense, if there’s a gen 2 and gen 3 product revision to choose from, why would one choose a gen 1 / early adopter revision, right?

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I totally get this. I really do. My comments were about this not being a widespread issue. Crap happens no matter how much you like something. It would have totally frustrated me as well. There is no industry where every product is perfect.

Talking to support is your best and really only way to get a solution.

That being said, there were numerous questions asked, solutions offered, and yet the individual keeps acting like we are censoring or restricting them.

If all someone wants to do is come here and sling mud, even while people are trying to help, then what should our response be, for all the other people coming here to learn about how to use, fix, and improve their framework products?

I think any rational individual will see that we are not trying to unfairly restrict anyone.


That would require a rational person. We see this much more frequently on reddit. I don’t ilke the response I got from Framework…now I am going to smear them and try to get my way by posting half the story on “insert social media outlet of choice”…this is like a Yelp reviewer trying to squeeze a free meal out of a restaurant so they don’t give it bad reviews. If support gives you an answer you don’t like, but is well within their rights to do so 1) be an adult, 2) consult an attorney if you feel it is necessary, and 3) proceed from there whichever way they instruct you to go. Please don’t make a fool of yourself by throwing a temper tantrum for all the world to see, it only makes your position more questionable.

That all being said the OP should be covered under warranty for the replacement board…of course why they bought the board with the same issues is once again a question for a rational person.


I can’t say if it’s a widespread issue or not (don’t have data from Framework, nor from Intel). And then there’s the understanding of “issue”…is it an issue if a user hasn’t experienced it? (i.e. Product issue, vs a user’s experience. Such as airbag issue…you don’t wait for the airbag to fail before call it an issue. This depends on the matter at hands).

I don’t think people are expecting a perfect product…as long as the issue(s) doesn’t hit them. (It’s ok if other people get cancer as long as it’s not me). Hell, not even NASA has a 100% mission success track record. It’s just that the OP’s experience has been compounded with ‘when travelling’ away from home. Think he/she felt unheard, pushed over, discounted his experience when people say “with zero issues”. [Counter] Balancing the perspective of failure / success experiences perspective is not the intent of the thread.

Maybe some of us with negative experiences should just form an AA recovery group or something. LoL… :crazy_face: Anyway, going really off track.

Going back to the board…I’m waiting for the AMD board to hit reviewers and users. Still believe Framework is the right company to support even though the products lack polish and maturity (just the nature of startups and scale). I have purchased three laptops from other brands since 2021, but looking at the way Framework is growing, I believe it’s the right company to support should the product is right (for each user).

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I have a Gen 11 13" Framework laptop that hasn’t been hit by the RTC issue (I use it mainly mainsly) but I has occurred to me that it might be worth doing the officially suggested fix anyway. However, I have a question about this.

The tricky part is the mainboard soldering of a single joint. Removing the old RTC battery is relatively easy. If this is the case, and if the inability to boot as a result of a dead RTC battery is likely to be only an occasion problem, shouldn’t it be possible to do a one-time fix by removing the RTC battery

Yes, or you could use the internal charger and just plug in the power supply to your framework laptop. Then you can charge the RTC battery without removing it.

As I understand it, the RTC batteries turn out to be a little fragile in the sense that if they’ve been drained fully (a few times?) then they may not hold much charge any more, making the problem much more severe. Replacing the RTC battery solves that problem, but if your usage pattern drains the RTC battery on a regular basic, you’ll be doing a lot of replacements. Then the advertised fix is a better one.

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Thanks, @Nils. That’s a great help towards my understanding the issue. And a speedy response. Most grateful.