Charging LED flickering colors because of PWM

Anyone else noticed the charging LED flickering if you look at it and move your head or the laptop? I wonder if the PWM frequency could be adjusted.

Updating the BIOS to v3.03 fixed the flickering.


Great I’ll try the BIOS.

I didn’t even need to move much to see it just blinking was enough to notice the flicker (I remember when Cadillac first went to the LED tail lights they had it so bad I hated being behind them in traffic and would avoid them)

Honestly I had fun whizzing my eyes around and watching the individually colored points of light show up clearly in the blurry sea of vision :stuck_out_tongue:
It reminded me of optical illusions, I’ve always loved those.


Or early DLP TVs and projectors

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I made bike lights with an arduino and ws2812b leds, 3 colors rapidly changing, to make white… You made me remember that!

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they make RGBW versions of those not probably at least partially for reasons like that (and the nicer color rendering of course).

I know. I wanted to turn heads with it. There was a lime colored knight rider line under the bike and red on the rear, same single led strip. I plugged it into my phone for power with a holder on the handle bar :+1:it was good until it rained. Phone was waterproof, the arduino wasn’t xD

What’s a bit of corrosion among friends XD

Short circuit, only in rain. It still works mostly

Potting compound isn’t that expensive…