Chassis cracking after normal use

Hello, I am here to unfortunately declare that my laptop, after a little over a year of use, has suffered mysterious cracking by the lower left side expansion port. The stuff by the crack was my attempt to superglue it.

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That’s metal fatigue

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Yeah, I was probably a bit rough on it :sweat_smile:

I bought one of the original FW 13’s and on my most recent opening of the chassis, one of the housings for the captive screws has completely disintegrated. Luckily…the others are holding the bottom cover in place. Never been abusive/rough with it, just think the plastic housing could be a bit stronger. Definitely showing some weak points in the chassis over time.

Then why do you claim “normal usage”?

I dont consider that normal usage.

Let’s see how many other people chime in. Maybe its something worth looking into.

I wasn’t being rough, I never did anything out of the ordinary, but I said I was being rough as in somehow it fatigued as Charlie6 said.

I can see how holding it open by hand, with no bottom support would put strain on the case, but my screen would likely fall back if I lifted it with any speed.

Holding by hand closed ???