Warped Laptop

Hey Everyone,
I recently got a Framework 13 13th Gen Intel laptop DIY edition and the frame seems to have warped. It’s had a pretty easy life for the week or so I’ve been using it, but I noticed on flat surfaces it is not quite even. I took it down to the granite reference at the uni, and can confirm its not flat, seems the front left corner is pointing down a little (see picture). The box the laptop came had crumpled a little, but I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t notice anything initially, although I wasn’t really using it on flat surfaces, but I honestly don’t know as I wasn’t keeping track so I can’t really blame that.

Is there an easy way to fix it or correct it? It rocks side to side across the diagonal when typing which gets annoying.


Could you write into support around this? It looks like it may have been damaged in shipping. Note that our support lead times are currently extended because of the Framework Laptop 16 order influx, but they will have feedback for you.


You could easily fix that by putting a bit of pressure on the top right corner, with the bottom overhanging a table or some such. I have several laptops with metal lids that some times warp a bit. Flexing them with the right force at the right point always straightens them. I’ve even had a problem similar to yours with the base. I just held one corner in one hand and put my fingers of the other hand under the raised corner, with my thumb on top and gave my thumb a slight downwards force while pushing up slightly with my fingers from underneath. Job’s a guddun.


Thanks you both for replying! I’ll contact support and see what they say, and if always fails I’ll give that method a go