Cheap ways to get a Windows 10 copy?

lots of websites peddling windows 10 keys.

is there a legit way to get one on the cheap? ebay? Link?

I haven’t done a virgin MS Windows install in a long time.

Do i just put this on a USB
and stick it in my new Frame.Work laptop?

No. The only legal way to get one is to pay full price. The rest of them are “grey market”, meaning they were purchased in a different region with lower prices, are OEM keys, or were purchased with stolen card info so reselling them is a violation of the EULA.


As a thought, and I was successful with this last month, if you have an old Win 7, 8, 8.1 key, you can ‘still’ use those to activate win 10 of the same/similar level. (Pro to Pro, Home to Home, etc…)

YMMV, but I just used the 7pro key from a Dell 7010 to get win10 pro up and activated to re-sell.


now that i’m looking around, I can’t seem to find a way to buy MS Windows 10 Professional.

Even on the microsoft website it seems to lead to win 11.


anyone got a link to win 10 pro (not home)

What are you looking to install it on? I don’t believe that they sell new Win 10 copies anymore. Maybe check Amazon?

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Just FYI, you can legally use OEM keys in Europe, which are often much cheaper.

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@Jonathan_Haas i’m in USA

@Morpheus636 hmm
i see this link but thats about it

MS pulled the ability to buy win10 keys a few months ago. Which makes sense… There are only ~2 years left of standard support. Windows 10 Home and Pro - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Learn

Hopefully they fix win11 or do their standard Bad Good release and give us 12 by then.

You would still buy Windows 11 Pro…but you now have downgrade rights. The key would allow you to activate Windows 10 Pro, legally.

That is, the question is now “Is there a Windows 11 Pro sale”?

@Second_Coming - theres really a downgrade option at install?

Yep, old Win 7, 8, 8.1 keys work since microsoft allows them to get free upgrades to Win 10.

This is actually similar to how the Microsoft Activation Scripts work. It tells microsoft’s sever that you have an older version of windows and that you’d like to upgrade to Win 10, microsoft then generates a license for your computer’s hardware ID.

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If it’s for personal use, just choose “activate later” or whatever during install. Microsoft doesn’t require you to activate it right away.

I used an un-activated copy of windows for personal use for years. 10/10 great experience if you’re on too tight of a budget to buy a key. You probably won’t miss any of the missing functionality. No need to break any laws or torrent any sketchy files.

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That download link provided above (just repeated here):
will indeed let you make an ISO to put on a USB stick (or DVD if you’re old school!) to do an install. You do NOT need a key to complete the install and there is very little reason to get one. There are a couple of very visbile customization settings that are disabled (eg. setting your desktop wallpaper) but otherwise it is =completely= functional. There =might= be a notification telling you you need to get a key but it is pretty unintrusive. It does all security and otherwise updates.

I ran with such an install for years.

Have fun!

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It’s just a pure Windows 10 install, then use the Windows 11 key for the activation. There’s no “downgrade” option. It’s just a ‘right’.


i dont think this works on Windows Pro though does it?
i need PRO for the encryption

you ran a copy of win 10 and never paid for it? I thought they had that warning message that would always come up and insisting that you type a valid key. “You have 15 days left” or something like that.

Also, i need Win 10 Professional because of the encryption

As long as you don’t mind the watermark and not being able to set the wallpaper you can actually do that indefinitely

As others have mentioned, just ask around friends and family if they have an old Windows 7 or 8 PC or laptop that hasnt been upgraded to 10 and use that key.

Simple. MS doesnt care about people paying for Windows anymore. I really dont know why they dont give Home away for free and sell Pro for $10 a pop.

Microsoft has better revenue streams than Windows.


Yup, practically no disadvantage except for the wallpaper and small watermark – no nagging, no threats.

And the link above lets you chose any version you want to install, including Professional.

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