Choosing the right SSD: Compatibility and Best Options (AMD)

Hi, I have a question regarding compatibility between a PCIe Gen 3 SSD and an AMD model. Additionally, I would like to know if choosing a PCIe Gen 3 SSD would result in lower temperatures for optimal performance compare to Gen 4.

Lower Temperatures on the SSD or the CPU? For the SSD, both are fine, but there are pros and cons for both. Gen 3 drives are usually cooler, but they are slower. (Of course, you’ll probably not even notice the difference comparing to if you switched from a SATA SSD to an nvme one.) Gen 4 drives are faster, but run hotter and you’ll probably want a heatsink on the drive to hit max performance. If you’re worried about the CPU, the SSD probably won’t affect anything. I don’t think that the SSD is going to make your CPU thermal throttle if you switch from a gen 3 to a gen 4 one. I know that was a long bit, but I hope it helps!