SSD advice for AMD Framework

Hey guys,
I’ve got a batch 1 preorder for the AMD Framework and I need to start getting my DIY parts together.
I’m looking at SSD’s right now and was looking for some advice. I’ve seen some great things about the Crucial P5 Plus 1TB, but I’m seeing some say it runs hot and should have a heatsink.
Would you guys recommend this? Does it really need a heatsink in a Framework? I’m assuming there isn’t room in the laptop for a heatsink.
Any other recommendations are welcome as well :slight_smile:

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There’s been many discussions about this in the past, see Search results for 'ssd' - Framework Community … They’re not specifically about the AMD Framework, but I don’t see why it would differ in any way. It’s just an SSD… See also Is there a list of supported/unsupported SSDs? Will Samsung EVO 970 work?