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I’m having trouble with removing the password on a disk in UEFI. I have a 12th gen with firmware HFW30.03.05 (no updates released). I set the disk password a long time ago, and it’s been working well.

But when I go in now to delete the password, it just remains there. I can change the password to something else, that works. But if I change it to blank (just pressing enter) as per the instructions on the Security > Storage password setup page > the device > Set storage password, the previous password is still required on boot and in bios to unlock.

I searched online and here on the forum, but only found this Q and A about how to set the password in the first place.

Have you tried taking out the CMOS battery + disconnecting the battery, then pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds?

I know this method is usually used to clear BIOS settings (and thus HDD passwords) on most desktop computers, and some laptops, but I’m not sure if it works on framework laptops, and if they save settings to storage.

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You may also want to send a message to Framework Support and mention this thread in your ticket. There is a chance that this is a bug in the firmware they don’t know about and could fix, or even an error in said instructions that they will want to change.


Hi - thanks, however it’s not a setting saved by the CMOS. It’s recorded on the disk to prevent the disk to be read in another system.

Thank you too - I’ll do that shortly. I wanted to see if there was something the community could easily help with first. After the initial post, I also re-read the BIOS firmware upgrade thread so I know they have a lot on their plates and wanted to see if perhaps any news would come about a new version.

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For reference - this is what I’ve been trying.

After unlocking the disk at boot and entering the InsydeH2O setup utility, going to the page Security > Storage password setup page > the device, this is what I see.

Note Security mode: Unlock

Selecting Set password shows the change password dialog.

If I enter a new password, I see Security mode: Change

If I save and restart with mode: Change, I will only be able to unlock with the new password - i.e. the procedure to change the password works.

If I clear the HDD password, as per instructions to the right (“Enter” twice), I see Security mode: Disable.

If I save and restart with mode: Disable, I will only be able to unlock with the old password = i.e. no change to the password.

WD Dashboard shows Drive Security: Activated

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