Color options for the laptop?

I was wondering if there are color options for the laptop body?

This was largely triggered by the bezel post but also partially because I want to ask for clear body ala hackers

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Framework’s industrial designer @Poyu_Chen had this to say about the environmental savings behind the single colour aluminium option.


@Dominic_Keen Thanks for connecting my response to this thread.

@Matt_Gaunt Ii’s not saying that we won’t release any colorful options in the future. But before that we have to ensure the production process impacts the environment as minimal as possible, I believe the whole industries are doing their best to study more advanced, eco-friendly process to reduce the pollution while getting the beautiful finish on the laptop.
We keep working with our partners and vendors on this study and hope soon we are able to provide more colorful options to customers.



The environmental impact is probably negated hundredfold by the fact that the interior parts are easily replaced. I would prefer a black laptop, cant get everything you wish for though.