Colorful Decal Kits

I also emailed them about it, and got this reply:

Thank you so much for reaching out to us! I am thinking we are speaking to a few people regarding this model. We would need to bring the actual device in to produce a template. From what I am seeing, it may not even be out on the market yet. We have added this model to our list of suggestions.

So from that short reply, it seems that a CAD file ain’t cutting it in terms of getting a decal. Still, high hopes that eventually they can source one and make some cool decals.


If they can shoot us an email or if someone has an email contact there, I am happy to ship them a shell they can use for measurements.


@nrp Nirav, I replied and asked to see if I could facilitate for you. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

Thanks for being as accessible as you have been (as well as other members of the Framework team).


Well, I heard back, but they obviously didn’t read or understand what I told them: they offered me a free sample. So, maybe the customer service group isn’t the best way to get in touch with product development.

Ha! I guess the free sample is something at least.
Realizing the Framework team has plenty on their plates with the rollout and finessing the firmware etc, so this is probably rightly a bit back-burnered, but for reference if there is future interest seems that Branded & Corporate Sales | DecalGirl has a section on:

" Custom Device Skins
Do you need skins for a custom device or one we don’t currently carry? For a small fee, our team can develop precision-fit skins for it!"

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Is there any particular reason, other than “it might add weight”, why the chassis can’t be painted? Or even powder-coated? At least according to the internet, both are viable techniques for finishing aluminum, and both could presumably be done by customers. (Well, for powder coating, it would likely be rather a third-party thing.)

In other words, can the laptop be “torn down” to just the bare metal and reassembled?

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One reason to consider is that painted aluminum is more difficult to recycle. The bare anodized aluminum just needs to be melted down, but painted aluminum would need to be processed first.

Edit: that’s probably less relevant if there are parts stuck directly to the aluminum, though.


In an attempt to actually answer the question, check out this video: Framework Modular Laptop Assembly and Teardown Review! - YouTube

Check out the closeup at exactly 0:30. On the bottom cover, there does appear to be at least one plastic piece that isn’t removable.

This one also has some good shots of both sides of the input cover: Hands-On with Framework's Fully Modular Laptop! - YouTube (around 12:30)

This might sound silly, but the best path to getting a commitment from a vendor like dbrand might be to get one of their most public faces involved… someone who just happens to love the Framework laptop. (hint: Linus Sebastian)


Just Throwing this in here since it is related to the topic of Decal design.

Hello Framework

My name is Mattias and I am very positively surprised after hearing about Framework and your right-to-repair path to making consumers feel more in control.

I am currently doing art for a hobby and would look forward to doing some skin/ material mockups for the Framework Laptop. Would it be possible to get access to your Cad files or a more comprehensive specs sheet/blueprint, I am mostly interested in the external specs and I also understand if you do not want to share internal cad files.

Best Regards,


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@obfuscurity That’s not silly at all, getting Linus to poke dbrand or others to incentivize third-party Framework accessories is a great idea! (hint hint @nrp)


I’ve also written to decalgirl and shown them the thread here. Hoping that they start to offer a custom skin soon.


I ordered a custom sized skin from DecalGirl and just got it in and put it on. Drat. I didn’t get the measurements right. There’s a gap height-wise of around 2 mm. Oh well, doesn’t look too bad. FYI, here’s the measurements you probably should use if you order one yourself:

Width (inches): 11.687
Depth (inches): 9.0551 (I ordered 9 inches – mistake)


That’s a great idea, after all, he stated he wants to support as much as possible the company, and knowing he has a very close relationship with Dbrand that may be not too far out for him to do

Can you share a photo, even with a little “Opps” it would be great to see.

Okay, here’s my rather inexpert skin application result. Please pardon the extra sticker. :wink:


Looks great, including the extra sticker.
Ignoring the measurements issue, how easy was their product to put on and get smooth.

Do you expect it to be able to removed in time when it gets all scratched up?

It wasn’t super hard to install or smooth. The most difficult part by far is to align it. I have no idea how difficult it would be to remove it though. I’ve never tried with any of these skins.


Thanks for the info on sizing, and for being our canary in the coalmine. :grin: