Colorful Decal Kits

I purchased my previous laptop (not the one I use now) right on the tail end of the “any color you want” trend in the late-2000s/early-2010s, and Loved the thing for the comments I got on its bright red color, right up until its WiFi card gave out, and using it as a laptop became… impractical. (it lives on in a stationary role, and still makes me quite happy).

I know you’ve stated elsewhere that you won’t make even black laptops because dyed anodizing is impacts the environment a lot more than regular. And you’re also planning eventually to supply replaceable colored bezels.

I was thinking as measure to provide even more of colorful experience, perhaps you could produce colorful decal kits to match the bezels you’ve already planned for.


Yea, that would be a lot of fun and something that is definitely possible. It’s also something we’d love to see third party skin/sticker makers bring into the ecosystem.

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@nrp look at it from a different perspective. Every framework laptop sold is upgradable. Every upgraded laptop is more environment friendly than a new one. Making it as attractive as possible for potential buyers, while not being manufactured as environmentally friendly, can rapidly turn into a more environmentally friendly thing on the long run. So the tradeoff might be worth it