Community QA Testing

Hey ya’ll.
Reading through all of these posts about unexpected thermal, power, charging, and fitment problems has made me curious about Quality Assurance testing. I want to develop a standard methodology for doing a series of QA tests and benchmarks at home. I want to see if there are any problems with the unit before I start daily driving it.

  1. What benchmarks and test do you think should be included in the home QA testing methodology?
  2. What numbers should be expected with each test and what would an abnormal test look like?
    (software tests, hardware test, etc)

You should probably run a test like Cinebench and have it run for a few minutes to check for thermal issues. Make sure to install some sensor reading software like HWiNFO. If you see very high thermals like 100 C continuously or a significant difference between core temps then you might have some issues with your thermal systems. If you see some super weird numbers then it might be some errors with the sensor or HWiNFO. Cinebench 2024 also can now test dgpus so if you’re purchasing the 7700s, you can also stress test it with Cinebench.

As for performance metrics, I currently don’t have any as I’m still waiting for my Framework 16 to arrive.

Other than some thermal issues (which are slightly harder to detect with daily use), the only other issues I’ve heard of are mainly just cosmetic issues and mechanical (stripped screws) issues, issues that would be detected on startup (Input module detection errors), or issues with hardware detection (dgpu switching + 2230 ssd disappearing) which all should be easy to tell.

Power issues should also be easy to detect as well and I would just stick with the Framework’s provided 180W charger as I haven’t seen any post issues from using that one.