Framework 16 Performances and Benches

And here are some new geekbench results for the 7940HS.
Maybe a sign that reviews are about to be published? :slight_smile:✓&q=7940HS+framework


For the GPUs:✓

Scores ~35000 with the iGPU, ~90000 with the 7700S using Vulkan.


Interesting! I checked some geekbench vulkan scores for other mobile gpus for comparison. I think it’s where we expected for better or worse. I thought there’d be a little more traffic on this thread but I reckon people are mostly interested in reviews and real world performance.

I don’t know much about how geekbench works, but I find it weird that two of the benchmarks score significantly worse than the rest. They score about 5000 points less on multi-core than most other benchmarks, and also have a lower single-core score, although not by as much. Why is that?

I’m not certain, but one option would be, that the high results were all obtained in a high performance mode with the power plugged in, while the lower results were obtained while in a battery saver mode, to see what performance you can reasonably expect without your battery draining in 1-2 hours.

Can’t confirm this though

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The power mode is stated on the result now - they were in Balanced IIRC. Most I’ve seen were likely from the same person, they appear to have been running multiples back to back to see if performance changed with time.

I don’t understand what the power mode is. Even when launching a test on my computer in Performance Mode under windows settings, it show a Balanced mode in the geekbench results.

Maybe something related to the battery vs plugged?

Having updated Geekbench and tested it with a ThinkPad, you are correct. Whatever I set the power mode to, both on and off mains power it always states balanced.

Guess it’s a bug?

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Well, I don’t really know what to add here.
The benches seem good, but I’m mostly just waiting for the reviews.

Those will generate a lot of comments, I’m sure!

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As I was expecting, the CPU part mops the floor with my TR3960X in singlecore (1,8k) performance, but the TR is still boss in multicore (15,9k) performance. The 7700S is slower than my 6900XT (OCL 175k, Vulkan 166k) by a good amount, that’s why I’m waiting for a 7800M or maybe a 7900S.

So all in all it won’t replace my desktop, but I think, when I’m not playing heavy games or doing h.265 conversions (though I’m curious about the encoder quality of the APU), I’ll use the Laptop instead of the big tower PC.

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I wonder if they are all from the same person/laptop or if these are different reviewers doing testing while still under embargo.

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Given a lot of them were within the same hour, I’m gonna stick my neck out and say someone was running a repeated test to see if the performance holds up under load…

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Yeah, probably a reviewer re-running to gather data to see if performance is repeatable.

I think that too. They are also posting Geekbench v5 results too.✓✓