Consistent crashing when bumped/placed on table

:warning: Gif has laptop gore lol :warning:

DIY Edition Laptop has been crashing when bumped or placed on table in a hurry. Specifically on the right side of the laptop.(Look at Gif below)

Suggestions from previous steps was to check the connections. I re-followed the DIY instructions again to re-install the components(ram, ssd, wifi card) with no luck. All components were ordered through framework.

Any suggestions before I order new ram sticks and hope they work?

Moved from this thread since issue seems to be hardware related.

Does the machine crash or is it a display glitch as in the video? If the latter, have you checked the display cable connection?

Full on crash. Sometimes goes black and restarts, other times it’s stuck in minecraft screen until I kill it.
If audio is playing it stops, bluetooth headphones disconnect, etc.

That’s too bad. Was there any useful information in the event viewer? The screenshot that you supplied indicates more information in the data section. I’d check every connection on the main board, it seems like the jostling is causing a temporary break. Hopefully it’s a loose cable rather than something like a solder connection. I hope that you are able to get it resolved.

Nothing I can glean from there. But not 100% sure what to look for