Cooler Master Case with Chromebook Mainboard

I have a Framework Laptop Chromebook and Cooler Master case, and was trying to create a “Framework Chromebox”. But, when I get the mainboard installed into the CM case and plug everything in (including the modules), all that happens is the fans spin up really fast and then stop, followed by the BIOS lights lighting up quickly and stopping, then the red LEDs on either side of the mainboard start flashing nonstop.

I made sure that the switch for the keyboard cover is pressed down. Here’s everything that I’ve tried so far:

  • Mainboard in the case with the cover on, with power plugged into a module in the four different locations (not all four at the same time).
  • One stick and both sticks of RAM removed.
  • SSD removed.
  • RAM and SSD removed.
  • Plugging in the board and just letting the LEDs flash for hours in case they turn off.

Nothing seems to work. As I’ve seen in other topics, I looked for a CMOS battery to remove and re-insert, but it doesn’t seem as though the Chromebook mainboard has one.

I’m at a bit of a loss here, and despite the CM landing page here and on Cooler Master’s website, I should be able to use any mainboard, but I can’t help but feel as though I’m out of luck here. Has anyone else tried doing this with a Chromebook mainboard?

Have you enabled Standalone Mode in the BIOS?

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is that possible with the Chromebook mainboard?

I’m not sure (don’t have a Chromebook mainboard) but assuming it’s not much different from the 12th gen boards, it should be there.

I finally managed to get it working. Somehow I never came across the following when I was trying a few weeks ago, but these are the steps that I took to get the Chromebook Mainboard working in the Cooler Master case: