Cooler Master review

Nicely done product. Would recommend.

The i5 11th gen seems to be getting more air with less fan.

The inside of the box had instructions on how to install the stands or VESA mount it, but it would have been good to see a QR in there for the MB removal guide.

Not sure if the case needs a guide of its own, but then again I’m not using the audio card or wifi which would have made it more complicated.

Things I wished I gathered before install:

  • My framework screwdriver. Took me 10 mins to find.
  • A KB and mouse you can connect with the expansion cards you have. I forgot I don’t have a usbc mouse and have no usba cards.
  • A cleaning cloth. The thing is a fingerprint magnet.

Also note that the Framework screwdriver is 100 times stouter that the screws provided. Very easy to strip even using the Framework Screwdriver. I had to get my computer bits out to get a couple sizes bigger to remove a couple of the well massaged screws out.

I didn’t have a problem myself, but don’t doubt others may have. I actually opened it up to put in wifi + antennas, then again when I realized the an antenna lead was running under the power switch. So all the screws have been opened/closed 3 times.

A hint to anyone looking to use the CMA antenna holes. You will want to find leads with small ‘tails’. The ones I have just fit. Too long and they will interfere with the rightmost ram slot. You will also only need around 9 inches as the 12 inch long leads I purchased are too long and required me to tape down the slack to the area left of the wifi card slot.

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