Got my computer! built and first impressions

I had the package at my door this afternoon. I ordered the i7-1165G7 with 32GB ram and a 500 GB NVME Drive along with the Vpro wifi card.

The package came as a big box very similar to an Apple or Microsoft or even Dell product. And a bag of goodies.

It took me 22 minutes to build, and I confess that 10 of those minutes were spent looking for the screw to the Wifi card, which managed to attach itself to one of the chassis magnets under the expansion tray. The WIfi antenna is the only real fiddly bit and my only complaint. I wish that process could be easier. Perhaps a plastic or metal thing that could hold the leads in proper orientation. There is an IO shield which clips over the end of the Wifi card. Perhaps that part could be redesigned to do this.

The rest was really standard.

Overall, the only place where I can see a difference in build quality is the screen housing. But then my macbook air that I am comparing it too has a screen held together by a crapton of glue.

All in all, I am really happy with it. One thing the reviewers do not tell you or seem to miss, is that the expansion cards are really properly useful. because of my Macbook, I have made the transition to a USB-C life. But there are times when I need a different loadout of ports. And this allows me to do that! My normal config will be 4 USB-C. but I have an A Card when I need it. same with HDMI and display port.

I think I am going to love this thing. It will not replace my Macbook, but they will be brothers for a long while.