Core i5 Framework for sale ($850 OBO)

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately the Framework’s battery life just isn’t good enough for my personal and professional needs so I am sadly going to have to part ways with it. The device is exceptional though otherwise and I wish this were not the case. The laptop is in mint condition and I have multiple expansion cards (outlined below).

I figured I’d would post here before attempting something like eBay because this community will give it a good Framework-loving home. :slight_smile:

Here are the specs and the expansion cards I have, I’ll gladly provide photos of the device as requested.


Hi and welcome to the forum
A few question if you up to it.

  • When did you receive the Framework i.e. age
  • What OS does it have?
  • What was the battery consumption like on whichever OS you were using?
  • What BIOS version does it have?



  1. Order date: September 28, 2021
  2. Fedora Workstation 36
  3. While working, coding, compiling, running slack, email, and other web apps I get about 4-6 hours depending on how hard I’m pushing the machine. If I’m just doing light web browsing with the screen brightness turned down to about 30% I can easily get 7+ hours out of it.
  4. BIOS Version 3.07
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@Adam_Miller, Where (in the world) is the item located? How much for shipping to Florida, US?

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@Shawn_Lewis I’m in Texas, I’ll ship to Florida insured for free.


If anyone’s interested, I’ve posted it on eBay.

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