Framework Laptop For Sale

Post was flagged, and not sure why. Looked over terms and conditions and doesn’t appear to break any rules?

New - Open Box (personal unit)

Selling for order price. $1815 shipped. If PayPal, add fees.

I7 1165g7
32gb DDR4 3200 (can add another 32gb for +$160)
1tb m.2 NVME SSD
AX210 WiFi Module
Power Adapter
4x USB C Module
2x USB Module
1x Micro SD Module
1x HDMI Module
1x Display Port Module

Awesome laptop. Bought to test and decided to stick with my current setup. Anyone interested before returning?

Can only add one picture, but have more upon request.

@Brenden_Pagliai - the picture has your credit card with your name visible. You may want to update it with one that is more anonymous. What is the make and model of the SSD, and if I may ask, what is your current setup that you decided to stick with?


It’s got the credit card name showing for another platform I have it listed on. No card number or information. Just to show proof it’s mine.

The hard drive is a crucial p2. I’ve also got a Lenovo t15g 2 with with 11800h and rtx 3080.

I was hoping to use my egpu with my 6900xt and get decent performance. It was more or less limited by the cpu. Otherwise a near perfect laptop. If an h mode Intel cpu or ryzen 5900hx equivalent comes out, I’m back with framework.


So instead of selling it, why not just hang on to it for awhile. You’ll eventually be able to switch out Mboard with newer processors. That’s kind of the whole point to this computer. I’m sure AMD will come at some point.

Because I also have a Lenovo t15g with a i7 11800h and 3080. I was hoping to replace it with this, but it isn’t working as of yet.

We all know how technology ages, until it’s an option I will have to wait and keep what I have.

I’m definitely not knocking the framework laptop. It’s one of the best thought out I’ve seen. Im all for it and would love to invest. I will definitely buy another when the options I need are here.

I figured selling to someone else wanting one without waiting would be a better option for them than taking it back.

I wonder how many other people get that exact same set of modules? I got the same set myself plus one more DP.

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It just seemed like the “proper” setup. Doubtful I ever need them all but there if a do. I think it’s the simple fact that you “just can” since it’s modular.

Just a note on this one. We don’t have established rules around selling Framework products or parts in the Community. However, for now, as long as items aren’t being sold for a profit here, we’re ok with it.


Will we be able to sell products and parts in the marketplace?

Yep, but we are a long way away from that.


I’d also sell with a 256gb nvme for $1600 shipped.

This unit has sold. Thanks for letting me post on this platform.