Create a Desktop/Keyboard AIO with Motherboard

So I saw a YouTube video from Elevated Systems where he created a computer that housed both a Framework motherboard as well as a mechanical keyboard. I am currently looking to make a Windows computer that can work alongside my MacBook Air for projects/schoolwork that need software from Windows, and I was curious about possibly doing something like what ES did.

However, I want to go further and possibly add the following (any/all if possible):

  • Small screen a-la-ZenBook Duo Pro to the top of the keyboard

  • eGPU that is housed in the casing of the keyboard

  • A design similar to old Apple II computers from the past, albeit not as large as they were and not including a display.

Let me know if this is something that is possible, because I want to see if it could be a possible design that can be made.

That sounds possible. For the eGPU, you could take the guts out of a regular eGPU enclosure (including the power supply) and re-use them inside your new case. That would also cover powering the Framework motherboard, the enclosure’s own Thunderbolt power. I think Razer Core refurbs are on sale right now?

For the screen, you could use e.g. a Waveshare touch 1920x720 display, 12.3inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, 600 cd/m², 1920×720, HDMI, IPS, Toughened Glass Panel | 12.3inch HDMI LCD. Many of Waveshare’s displays are customized for Raspberry Pi or for use with microcontrollers, but that one’s HDMI input.

This would mainly be a mechanical design project to design the case, get it made, and put all the parts inside, but totally doable!