Custom Fedora OCI images for Framework laptops

Surprise! :slight_smile: Cool, right? FW hardware detection complete.


It’s very neat.

Is there any time frame for the GA of bluefin FW edition, which @Jorge_Castro hinted at?
And when it lands is a rebase needed when I already rocking bluefin gts?

Also awesome; the fetch.

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That is a Jorge thing, but right now I happily use Bluefin on my FW13 AMD Ryzen and it has been flawless. Everything FW related, works perfectly.

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How is Aurora? I’ve been eyeing Kinoite and Aurora, but don’t understand what may be different between the two.

Aurora is basically Bluefin but KDE. Kinoite is basically barebones Fedora KDE, Aurora/Bluefin adds some stuff to make it more useful out of the box.

The website probably explains it better.

Nothing wrong with KDE btw, I just prefer Gnome on laptops.

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I have installed Aurora-DX 40 on my FW16 yesterday (that’s the Developer experience edition). I was waiting for them to include FW-related stuff. Their release 2.6.0 is out and it seems to contain the goodies, see chore(main): release 2.6.0 by github-actions[bot] · Pull Request #1236 · ublue-os/bluefin · GitHub. Didn’t put it under any heavy test, but so far it looks great!

I’ll have to test this on my FW13, thanks

Matt linked me to this previously, regarding Mullvad btw. Going to also try it through the Tailscale integration in Bluefin on my 7840U soon. Best way to install a VPN on Universal Blue? - #6 by Matt_Hartley - General - Universal Blue

Distrobox really is magic!

You won’t need to rebase, most of it is there as some of you are finding out. :smile: Just need to write some docs. :smiley:

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Sorry if this is repeated, but I wanted to n
Understand: what is the current state of bluefin on fw13 11th Gen , specially regarding battery life.

I’m currently running bluefin, that was renamed from silver Blue and plenty of customozations I did (before bluefin).

I would like to “start clean”(format, download a install media from bluefin site), but wanted to confirm the current state first .

Everything’s pretty much ready to go (except for docs and announcing, etc.), I dogfood on a 13th gen intel.

Battery life should be the same as Fedora 39/40, most of the gnome power tweaks are for AMD. Let me know how it runs!

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Alright, if you’re on Bazzite or Bluefin already you’ve had this for a while, but more feedback is always appreciated! We’re now a community supported option for Framework! Thanks so much for your help everyone, I’m looking forward to the future!


Unpinned as announcement is live, guides are in place and linked within the forum posts for FW 13 and FW16.

Linux Landing Page has been put into pending and is awaiting on Web team to push live.


I just installed Bazzite Gnome 40 on my FW13 AMD. Curious as to why I am not seeing the Framework logo?

EDIT: NM, I believe that customization is only for the dockerized Bazzite installs?

I installed on the FW13 hardware using the Framework/AMD ISO from Bazzite.

Hi everyone, unfortunately there’s been an issue in our key rotation this morning and manual intervention is required. Please see the post below for details, I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


Still a grand time. Would be cool to build a Framework gaming handheld with Bazzite too.