DDR5 SO-DIMM power comparison?

I am receiving my FW16 soon, which means I need RAM. I’m planning to go with 2x32GB. RAM can vary in power consumption quite a bit from stick to stick, just like any other circuit, due to all kinds of reasons. I haven’t been able to find any power comparisons or measurements for these parts. Anyone know of some out there?

Following the power conversation closely, I haven’t seen anyone do this yet. I’ve thought about running a test with 2 sticks vs 1 stick to estimate how much a single stick may be drawing… but I’m not sure how I could run a test much better than that. I don’t have multiple types of ram to test either, just the sku I happened to buy.

The AMD 7040 chips have 2 memory channels, so removing a stick will also reduce performance. That will make tasks take longer, which will increase battery usage. It would still be an interesting test, though. Compiling, video playback, idling with very little open (in particular, I wouldn’t use a browser, or at least be sure to control exactly what pages have been opened since starting the browser, background JavaScript stuff can kill battery life), and sleep mode would all be good comparisons.

I did it a while back, the power difference between 4800 and 5600 was below measurement variances and the power differences between 1 stick and 2 was definitely not worth the loss inperformance.

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Thanks! What sticks did you compare? Was this different sticks or just different timing? Did you also look at drain while in suspend?

I used different combinations of my 2x32GB 5600 Kingston kit and a 16GB 4800 crucial stick. You should be able to find my original post where I explained it a little more clearly.

I don’t use suspend so I didn’t do any testing on that front.