RAM Speeds faster than 5600+

Hi! Currently loving my Framework Laptop 16, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with using RAM running at speeds faster than DDR5-5600. I am currently running the Crucial 2x32GB kit CT2K16G56C46S5, but was wondering if speeds faster than 5600+ are possible to use, as I am considering upgrading to 64GB and if so having the extra memory bandwidth would probably benefit the APU.

I was initially considering some of these Kingston Fury modules; Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 SODIMM Memory – 8GB-64GB/6400MT/s - Kingston Technology

But decided on the 5600 Crucial as I do not have much experience with SODIMM RAM.

AMD only officially supports 5600 MT/s SODIMM modules.

On the 7840hs AMD locks it down to only allow up to that. On the 7940hs AMD allows faster ram (but makes no guarantee that the CPU can handle it) however Framework currently lacks software support for that.


thank you for the response, I have the 7940hs, with no Framework software support for faster speeds I can maybe only hope for something to come up in the future, but it would be best to just stay on 5600 at the moment, right?

Correct. Someone did try faster RAM, but their machine settled at running it at 4800 (which seems to be the only other speed a FW will run at, people attempting to use 5200 memory find it just doesn’t work).


The ram you linked actually has a default speed of 4800 MT/s. The 6400 MT/s speed is a faster speed that it does not run by default and is 50% higher power consumption while running.

Theoretically if you get that kit it should run at 4800 MT/s (as that is the default speed and Framework doesn’t support the higher speed), however some users have reported issues getting the Framework Laptop 16 to boot with any ram kits that don’t have a default speed of 5600 MT/s so it is safer to just get ram with a default speed of 5600 MT/s.

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As far as I see, the 6400MT/s is only “INTEL XMP”, which the AMD Framework 16 does not even support.

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