Dead display?


My laptop appears to have a dead display randomly?

I was shipped a laptop with a bad mainboard from the factory. After a bunch of back and forth, Framework sent me a new mainboard and all has been well until today.

I opened the laptop and tried to wake it from sleep with finger on the sensor, but the display remained black. So I tried to force power down by holding down the power buttong for 5s and restarting, but still no display. The power button lights up and eventually I get a white LED on the side but display remains black.
I also tried a mainboard reset by pulling teh CMOS battery and unplugging the main battery, but this did nothing to help.

Any troubleshooting advice?

Are you able to get display out to another display via an HDMI/Display port or a type C dock?

Unfortunately I did not purchase any external monitor adapters, or have a type c dock.

It seems odd that you get a white LED on the side. I may get a blink during start up but it never stays on unless plugged in, is that the case? (Edit: correction)

That’s what it does when it’s both plugged in and fully charged. :slight_smile:

That’s true. I was assuming the device wasn’t plugged in.

So Framework gave me a bunch of troubleshooting steps to do, none of which were helping. In frustration i semi-slammed the lid closed and the screen came back to life. Good, but nervous this is a temp fix at best.

It’s not the connection to the mainboard as I already reseated that a couple times and rebooted with no effect.

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