Debian 11 w/ custom kernel vs. trackpad

Hi all

I’m new to the Framework and new to Linux as my daily driver. The adventure so far has been bumpy.

I have Debian 11 up and running. The trackpad works great when I boot with kernel 5.17.0-1-amd64 that apt fetched off of one of the servers I have configured but looks to fall back to PS2 mode (judging by the lack of options in the Gnome Settings application) when I boot with a 5.18 kernel that I compiled myself from source.

I guess the kernel config is different and I didn’t compile some necessary module?

What module should be driving the touchpad?

Any other hints?


You’ll want, at a minimum:


EDIT: Sorry, I hit send too early.

I2C_HID_ACPI allows I2C HID devices to be detected by reading ACPI tables.
The I2C controller connected to the touchpad seems to be a Synopsys Designware (thus the DESIGNWARE symbols).
HID_MULTITOUCH is the actual event driver that produces input messages from the HID reports.

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I was failing to compile support for the HID over I2C transport layer ACPI driver which I think isn’t enabled by default.

Linux Kernel Configuration
  └─> Device Drivers
    └─> HID support
      └─> I2C HID support
        └─> HID over I2C transport layer ACPI driver