Debian 12, OS crashes with several softwares

I’ve installed a debian 12 on my framework 13 AMD7040. I’ve used a fully encrypted disk (encryption over LVM partition).
I had noticed some time ago that zoom was crashing my system. I’m talking a hard crash, where starting zoom was causing my system to completely shutdown and restart, with some disk corruption. Nasty thing. I found nothing about it, so I just decided zoom was crap and stopped using it.
Well, I’ve discovered today that it is not limited to this software. Surprisingly, today, my computer crashed when I logged in on Mapillary. On Firefox. Just like that, the OS crashed and restarted.
Doing the same on Chrome was no better: the computer didn’t restart, but froze completely and went unreponsive. I had to shut it down by pressing the power button for a long time.
I tested the same thing on a live USB key running debian 12. Well, same result (for zoom, tested before, but also for Mapillary)
I tested also on a live USB key running ubuntu 22.04. couldn’t install zoom. But mapillary was running fine.
What do you think ? Graphics-related issue ?
Is there a way to fix it on debian 12 ? I’d like to stick to debian stable, it makes things much simpler to synchronize with my desktop computer running also debian 12.

PS: I’ll probably stop using an encrypted partition, it’s making things so much more messy when the partitions get corrupted

As mentioned in many places in the forum, Debian has an outdated GPU firmware snapshot. It’s from before Phoenix was released.

Upgrade to a newer upstream snapshot of GPU firmware and please file bugs with Debian to get this fixed properly.

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Oh, yes, right. thank you very much. I hadn’t seen that, I hadn’t used the proper keywords.

Indeed, that was the issue. I didn’t know I could update the firmware manually, that way.

Thank you very much Mario_Limonciello

Glad to hear. Please file bugs and make noise to fix it for everyone!

Something also to potentially consider is upgrading to the 6.6 kernel via bookworm-backports. I don’t think the 6.1 kernel is getting any of the patches for various AMDGPU drivers these days, and there’s a fair number which might be useful for the iGPU/dGPU that generally filter down to the 6.6 kernel.

Is it possible that the new firmware requires a specific kernel version to work correctly?

I’m also on Debian 12 (using kernel 6.6.15-2 from testing), and I updated the firmware binaries about a week ago (downloaded from kernel-firmware gitlab) in attempt to fix three different amdgpu related issues I experienced in the past 2 months.

But in the last 4 days I had 2 crashes that immediately froze the machine and lead to filesystem corruption, just like the OP describes (just not with a specific application, usually just whenever the laptop is under long sustained load, and with no automatic reboot). So I’m wondering if the update just replaced one issue by another.

Sadly, unlike the previous issues, this one is immediate and leaves no logs or opportunity to examine the machine over SSH. I’ll try to set up netconsole in case it happens again, maybe that will at least point in the right direction…

Take a look at gocryptfs. It’s a modern replacement for encfs and lets you encrypt a directory on a file-by-file basis. I use it specifically because I do not trust encrypted partitions to be resilient in case of damage. The first crash still “bricked” one of my git repositories, but everything else in the encrypted directory is completely fine.

@Aaron_Baff Interesting, thanks, I’ll try that.

@Mario_Limonciello, did you see some feedback on that from the Debian team ? I mean, is it really a bug, or just part of the “we focus on stability for servers, not cutting edge features, so you’ll have old drivers” policy from Debian ?
I love the stability part. And yes, sure, this makes things complicated when using new software. And yes, this is a bit of a pain in the a. But I’m not certain that making some noise in the Debian ML will have any effect.

I didn’t see this comment, but it’s wrong to offer backport kernels but not backport firmware.

If still having stability issues with an upstream snapshot please make sure you’ve also updated BIOS too.