[RESPONDED] GNOME session restarts randomly

I’ve tested on both Nobara 39 and Bazzite OS (both Fedora 39) and I am getting random session restarts. No warning, entire screen goes black and back to login screen. Anything I was working on is gone.

I have the 7700S module in as well in case it matters.

I’ve captured both journalctl & dmesg. Just let me know where to send them.


I have this same issue on my work laptop that only uses an Intel iGPU. Work is using Debian Unstable (not my choice). Happens several times a day. Super annoying. It’s Gnome related not FW16 related.

Interesting! Do you know if it’s documented anywhere? I switched to KDE and it hasn’t happened so I totally believe it’s a GNOME specific issue. Just curious if there’s an open issue or something.

I haven’t the slightest. I dislike Debian distros greatly as they split packages like they split hairs to save 5Kb. I don’t even manage the updates, it’s automated by work automation. It’s crazy cause I see libgio segfault when it happens. But this issue doesn’t happen on my work desktop with the exact same software config. Hardware difference is desktop GPU is an AMD card and Xeon proc and laptop has a touchscreen.

@Joe_Miller See my comment on this other thread here. This sounds like an issue I was experiencing. Check if the errors I received match yours.

On Fedora 39 only, fully updated and our guide followed carefully, please open a ticket and include the link to this thread.