Different options for laptop body?

I know hardware is always the most important thing here…
But I would love to see from Framework laptops the option to have different body designs!

People in general are crazy about their gadget look and design!
Just look at the mechanical keyboard community and how much money they put on their keyboards so just imaging if we had the same options to do the same with a laptop!

For example I love ThinkPad and their design and having a complete extremely simple complete black layout!

Now when I look at the framework laptop I see an Apple look a like!

So please more body options maybe different materials and not just different colors!
Not all people like shiny gadgets like an Apple laptop… :smiley:

The philosophy of being truly modular must include this I believe!


Framework is making CAD files available for third party use

Plenty of people are designing their own expansion cards and I anticipate there will be 3rd party shells/chassis made for this laptop

But expecting framework to do this is unreasonable and unrealistic, they are a new company who don’t have the cash to sit on multiple models

They choose an “Apple-like” design because it’s timeless, it may not look unique but it won’t look dated either

Wait for 3rd party designs to emerge and your creative itch will be satisfied…or make your own! The choice is yours!


I kind of thought the Framework looks a lot like the old XPS 13 I had for work, only you can actually upgrade the Framework. The problem I had with the XPS series is that it’s a fairly premium device, but it became a paperweight quickly and didn’t age all that well. The nature of most ultrabooks is that the components can’t really be updated beyond perhaps changing out the SSD if it isn’t soldered on. I don’t know how much you could really change the actual chassis of the Framework, or what more you would really want to do with it.

For me, the Framework is pretty premium itself. It’s got a nice metal outside, it seems rather durable so far, and it’s lightweight. Granted the design is a little generic and looks like a Macbook or a Dell XPS, but I wouldn’t really call it a clone of either. At least you can upgrade the Framework fairly easily and they fix the problem I had with the XPS series just being a fashion accessory of the times.

If you’re just looking to change the look of it, I’m sure companies like dbrand will come up with a wrap or you can get some stickers to slap on the outside to give it a more personable feel. Dbrand likes to troll Linus at LinusTechTips and he’s huge on Framework, so I’d almost guarantee that they’ll make a few.


I don’t totally hate or disagree with this; altho I like the frame body and don’t think I’d change it.

Instead of asking Frame.work, tho, I think this is an ask of… well - YOU. (And other open-source community members.) Frame.work has released CAD data so that we can [feasibly] create our own shells; if you really want some specific form or function, I think you should design it [Or pay a designer/Find a designer…] and release it to the open-source community.

I would love it it there were options, but I don’t want Frame.work spending or devoting time here. I want them to engineer great hardware, stock an accessory and replacement store and keep hardware in the Frame.work pipeline.

Do you have any skills with 3D creation?

. . . . . . . . . .

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Already done