Dbrand Framework Skins Up

Looks like dbrand is making skins for the Framework laptop now. Page isn’t listed in their device menu but can be found by going here: Framework Laptop Skins, Wraps & Covers » dbrand

They look pretty sweet IMO


The white marble looks sweet. Anyone know how well those trackpad wraps work, and whether the bottom wrap will cover the screws?


that is neat! i haven’t ever purchased anything from dbrand before, but the carbon fiber is tempting…

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Yep! Just ordered a black carbon for mine! Dbrand makes good stuff!

Good selection as well!


I’ve never seen a need to bling a laptop…until now. Red Dragon is really cool but Hyperblack Titanium also looks great.


Totally just ordered the Carbon Fiber (Black) palmrest and (Grey) trackpad skin. Can’t wait to get that along with the stickers I ordered for the top via Redbubble. Going to look on point!

SWEEET! I’ve been genuinely waiting for this since day one of launch. In fact, I originally ordered a damascus layer when DBrand did that special edition skin… just in case I ever came across a good way to cut it for this laptop, haha.

Finally!! I’m putting my order in now. Thanks for the heads up!


Ditto, thank you so much, and thank you dbrand robots!

Edit: Matte White top + Matte Black trackpad

Black carbon here. :slight_smile:

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Can someone post a photo of the bottom with a Dbrand skin once you get it? :pray:

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I think I want the Icons RedCode skin; or is that just too loud of a statement?

Oooo. Debating black matrix and red carbon fiber for trimming


There’s also robot camo available under special editions for the FW Laptop, as well as the MKBHD Icons!


The bottom looks weird. What’s with the sudden cutoff after the speakers?


Too much?

Wish it covered the sides as well…


I suppose applying one of these skins would be a lot easier than disassembling the laptop and attempting an at-home DIY anodization.

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Anyone have experience with the leather skins from DBrand?

I think that’s because that part of the laptop is inclined/sloped

edit: words

Based on the cube, just another vinyl skin textured to leather-look