Disabling Flight Mode / Airplane Mode Function Key F10 - is it possible?

Hi all,

Proud new owner of a Framework 12th Gen here, with Windows 11. Very happy with the device, there’s nothing to say about my experience, because it’s been entirely trouble free and everything works as expected!

Except one thing - is there a way to disable the Flight Mode toggle that is bound to F10? I’ve tried PowerToys, and it seems to be one of few keys that can’t be detected (the others that can’t be detected being the brightness toggles).

Has anybody found a way to disable this Flight Mode / Airplane Mode button please? Is there some sort of hidden BIOS option somewhere please? :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum
There’s no BIOS option as far as I know.

So do you want to use the key for F10 and Flight mode slows you down?

I’m sure it is possible and pretty sure someone will be able to help :slight_smile:

Hi amoun!

Thank for the warm welcome!

No, I don’t need to use the key only for F10 by itself, and when I need to I’m fine with pressing [fn].

I’d ideally like to remap it to some other shortcut (yet to determine what I want that key to do), or disable the ‘Flight Mode/Airplane Mode’ toggle entirely if possible - I’ve found my muscle memory keeps hitting that key wrongly as my old laptop had a different function bound there! :smile:


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Do a bit of searching, I’m sure there’s something but others have sought the same :frowning:

Maybe not as easy as I though

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Yes, I stumbled on the same few pages, and one or two pages with similar challenges with the Flight Mode button specifically. :frowning: I was hoping it might have been me missing something with my weak Google-fu!

Thank you for your help though!

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