Swap Function/Multimedia keys by default?

How do I change the function row to be a row of function keys and not all of these other random keys I rarely use? I looked in the spare BIOS and around in Windows 11 configurations not finding anything.


You can toggle Fn lock by pressing Fn + Esc. That will switch the media and function keys until it’s toggled off, but it won’t switch the arrow keys.


Thank you! Will this have to be done every boot?

Usually not with most laptops, but I’m not sure with the Framework. You can always check and toggle when needed.



Just to clarify, the fn lock status persists across reboots and is OS independent.


Haha I just spent a week confused by this - thought it was a kernel update that has switched them. Never heard of an fn lock before. Thanks so much for the fix!

Is there a way to configure the setting via a CLI tool?

As I’m devops-ing my framework I want to make sure the setting is always set correctly.

I had multiple situations where I got reset to multimedia keys - my suspicion is this happens during BIOS upgrades/ resets?

I’m sure it can be done via ECTool. @DHowett would be able to tell you for sure.

I forgot how to do this again and this helped me out again! XD

I had it reset back to special functions after the battery died.

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damn i wish this was just a bios setting,i NEVR want to EVER see multimedia keys as default on any keyboard
ever ever ewwwww


Completely agree.

I guess it’s a user-friendly choice, but I personally hate it (like most power users, I guess?)

People who live with shortcuts need an ALT + F4 to be two key presses, not three.

I rarely ever change my brightness or use media controls (not to mention airplane mode). Those few times I can tolerate using a combo with Fn.

I guess they had to make a decision and opted for the more mainstream-user friendly one (which IMO is a bit incoherent with the target audience).

I also wish this was persisted/configurable via BIOS.

Fn lock is persisted. Toggle it once and it is remembered across shutdown.


Just to add a sort of errata note, it seems that this value isn’t retained if the laptop’s battery is allowed to fully drain.

Not even that, just the when the CMOS battery drains (11th gen) the fn-lock needs to be re-done.

That cmos battery on the 11th gen is reaaaallly annoying in retrospect.