Remapping airplane mode key with PowerToys doesn't work?

Hey all!

I’m trying to remap the Airplane mode key on my Framework to “Home” (so “Home” is airplane key and “End” is the Framework cog, since I have no use for physical buttons for those features), but the original key doesn’t seem to register when hitting it in the PowerToys remapping screen. It just toggles actual airplane mode off and on.

Is there any way to remap specifically the airplane mode key to something else using standard tools such as PowerToys? Or is this connected to something deeper in the OS/BIOS needing some more involved remapping?

Note that other fn row keys, or at the very least the Framework cog, remap just fine in PowerToys. It’s just the airplane mode key I’ve tried and failed to remap.

It‘s the same here, beside I want to remap it to „End“.

I don’t know how often I put the device into airplane mode because I wanted to jump to the end of a logfile …

Has anyone found a solution that allows the Airplane Mode Key to behave like a normal, remappable key?

Based on a reading of other laptops, it seems common for this key to be controlled by the bios, and require a bios setting to turn it into a normal key. Perhaps this is also the same for the framework laptop?

But based on a cursory inspection, I conclude such a setting does not exist in the framework bios at this time. Is that right?

Hello 1 year later!

Did you ever find a solution to this?

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem easily solvable without a custom BIOS. The airplane mode functionality is a non-standard special key that doesn’t emit a key-code that gets captured by Windows (or Linux for that matter) making re-mapping not possible. This behavior is pretty common across manufacturers but I don’t know which layer is ultimately dicating this seemingly unecessary behavior.