Display flickers while charging

My FW 13 (Ryzen 7040, Windows 11 Pro) arrived yesterday. While setting it up, I immediately noticed the screen flickering to the point of the image tearing up from time to time.
I later realized that this only happens when it’s on AC - it’s fine on battery.

I updated the drivers to the Oct. 24 version which had seemed to briefly help, but it started again.

Trying to update the BIOS to 3.0.3 proved to be difficult because the FW charger lost contact to the port on reboot - the light went off and the updater complained about the missing charger.

I could only solve that by using a different USB-PD charger (the 65W from my XPS 13).

When I had eventually updated the BIOS (which didn’t resolve the flickering), I tried using both the FW charger and my Dell charger one all the ports (using different USB-C modules since I have four of them). It looks like the flickering is worse using the back ports and a little less annoying using the front ports. Still pretty much unusable, though.

In addition to that, charging doesn’t seem to be stable. The charging icon in the status bar sometimes goes off and back on within a second. In addition to that, the light at the end of the charging cable of my Dell charger also turns off frequently - even if the icon still indicates it’s charging, in fact it doesn’t always seem to be.

I haven’t tried using my monitor for charging yet, but that should have been the way to use the FW since it’s DP over USB-C with 90W PD (Dell 3419UW).

Ist there anything else I can try?

Based on what you’ve shared here, it sounds a bit like you may have some hardware issues. I’d highly recommend sending a message to support and linking them to this post to show that you have attempted some troubleshooting.


I actually had already contacted support but haven’t got a reply yet. I am currently using the U3419W as a monitor and it seems to recharge the battery reliably and also happily displays the enhanced desktop without any flicker whartsoever - while I can get the internal display to flash when I move the browser window on the secondary display. So there is definitely something going on with the internal display.

I have since had a reply from support. They told me to remove the bezel and try without. I am not sure why I hadn’t thought of that because I could have done that before - what am I even buying a modular laptop for if I don’t use the options I have?

Turns out that the display cable probably wasn’t routed correctly and got stuck between the bezel and the actual display, ripping apart a piece of the insulation.

@Azure funny how you were certain it was a hardware issue, how I then found out the cable ist probably to blame and how Framework Support keeps coming up with information they still “need” to confirm the issue. Now they want me to record a video of the screen flickering in the BIOS - which it did exactly once so far. Flickering in Windows - no problem, I can reproduce that. But the other one is a hit and miss - maybe it will never flicker in BIOS again.

I am getting frustrated at the situation.

I never said I was “certain” it was a hardware issue, but Support would know more than me about troubleshooting steps. I would say to keep working with them, and just let them know that the flickering in the BIOS is rare and you may not be able to get a video of it right away. Also, if you haven’t linked them to this thread, and shown them the pictures of the display cable, I definitely recommend you do so.

I know it can be frustrating, but it definitely is necessary for Support to gather all the information they can, since they don’t have the physical hardware with them to troubleshoot. They are also extremely busy right now, so if they miss a few details that you’ve already sent them, just give them a kind reminder, since they are juggling many different tasks right now. If you continue to have issues you can update more here, and there is a chance that TheTwistGibber will see and be able to investigate what’s going wrong in the Support process (though he is also having to help out lower tiers of support right now to keep up with the workload).

Overall, I do understand your frustration, but patience is important right now. Support is doing their best, and just remember that they do want to help, even if it seems like the things they’re asking for are not the most relevant. They have an internal process that they need to follow.

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I guess “certain” was too big of a word then. Pretty confident, maybe.

My issue hast since been partially resolved in that Support acknowledged the issue ans ist willing to send me a replacement part. I am waiting for final confirmation on shipping etc.

I am patient now - and i got my VAT invoice, so right nie I am a pretty happy camper - with a partially working Laptop, but happy anyway.

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Coming back to this just to say that while the display replacement took some time, it’s on its way now (from Taiwan for whatever reason).
My VAT issue has been resolved in an extremely professional manner, kudos to that one. Accounting is happy which is pretty hard to do. Achievement unlocked.